Saint Vagabond is a jewelry line established in 2015 by designer Kristina Sefeldt.  Specializing in handmade goods using the ancient art of lost wax casting, she initially free-hand carves in wax, then continues her creations using multiple precious metals, natural stones, ancient runes and mystic emblems.


Her work is largely inspired by connection: what brings us together, regardless of our different backgrounds, and what is innately within us, individually, that is inherently unique. She draws from cultural histories, the silence and wisdom of the natural world, and the art of storytelling.


Kristina believes there is significance in working with ones own hands. She has forever admired the skilled work involved in ancient metalsmithing, furniture and textile design; the quality and integrity of each piece and garment being unmatched. Saint Vagabond reveres these practices, and strives to keep them alive and admired in the modern world.


Whether weaving someone’s story into a personal talisman, or creating timeless collections, Saint Vagabond’s mission remains the same: Create by hand and connect with likeminded people: those who walk their unique path of the road less travelled. We honor your journey.


Currently based in Los Angeles, California.