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Testimonials / Reviews

“What a privilege and pleasure it was to work with Saint Vagabond. I loved the selection of rings available on the website, and I eventually based my custom idea on one of those. Using her Nordic Coin Ring as a template, Kristina expertly embedded an Irish coin into a bronze ring bed, upon which she inscribed two Adinkra symbols.  The only twist I had in mind was to pierce the coin to reveal an image hidden underneath. Kristina executed this idea with absolute precision and care. The final product is exquisite and is often the subject of conversation when I’m out and about. This ring is subtle, yet striking. Intricate, but not ostentatious. And it beautifully represents my family’s mixed ancestry. I’ll be wearing this one for years to come. Thank you, Kristina.”

David M., Pasadena, CA


“I have multiple pieces from SV and I love them all! The designs and feel are truly unique and unlike anything I’ve ever owned. I have inscribed stacking rings that feel sooo good on. They’re perfect as stand alone rings or to group together. Kristina also made me a beautiful custom ring, my first experience having a custom piece made and it was such an incredible process to be a part of.  I gave Kristina examples of what I was wanting style wise but was also counting on her creative interpretation. She helped guide me in how I wanted the ring to feel and I shared what was important to me, then she took care of the rest! My ring is a unique piece I adore, beyond it being jewelry— it holds special meaning and purpose to me. The detail work of the interior inscription is a beautiful secret that I always take off my ring to admire and remind myself of. It’s obvious how much time, care and true artistry goes into your custom piece and I highly recommend Kristina to create something you will cherish.”

Evan S., Los Feliz, CA 

"Elegant and chic, with an undeniably unique style that is instantly recognizable as Saint Vagabond. I love my ring and face the inscription towards myself when I need a reminder to love myself first. It’s simple yet subtly detailed and can be worn with anything."

Angelo S., Los Angeles, CA

"This gorgeous personalized “Lioness” engraved coin ring is my “power ring” reminding me to use my voice and roar.  My sister gifted it to me for my birthday (yes, I’m a proud Leo) after having a breakthrough and visualization of fire running up my back and out of my mouth. As if my voice is to be unleashed! So much more than a pretty bauble, but a true empowerment mantra and golden reminder of my purpose."

Tiffany Hendra, Global Empowerment Coach + TV Personality. Dallas, TX


“I looked at works from many corners of the world, most of them were mass productions without spirit. I found Saint Vagabond and immediately saw her passion and talent. I was browsing many books about the meaning of signs, and wanted to combine some hidden characters as a personal code, into a ring, as I love such things. Kristina immediately started working on the project, showing me various versions and the process of creation. I have it now, it is beautiful, and I love that it’s the only one in the world quite like it. I plan to pass this ring to my son or daughter one day. Creating something unique only makes sense with someone like Kristina. I have seen how much joy it makes her. She has tremendous talent, spirit and great character. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true.

Piotr S., Cracow Poland


"Everything is energy. Everything has a vibration. Saint Vagabond has a very special energy. At the end of 2018 I got a customized, crowned vintage coin ring piece that I had engraved, “Sovereign in Self." Little did I know this would soon be my battle cry. This ring has not left my finger since it was delivered to me as it is my reminder that I am sovereignThis is my wish for everyone, that we all remember our Sovereignty. That everything we need already exists within us. Call it a ring, but this piece of jewelry has been my physical life mantra. This designer, the company and the vision is extremely rare."

 Natalie B., Los Angeles, CA


I actually had Kristina create 3 custom pieces of jewelry. All of the pieces done went above and beyond my expectations. Each is a representation of who I am and what I love. Every time I wear my jewelry out, people stop to ask me where I bought it… a great way for me to break the ice. When getting interviewed for a job, I was asked about my rings. It helped the interviewer better understand who I was, and assisted me in getting the job. I cannot wait to order more custom pieces and have Kristina take on my next vision.

Efren H., Los Angeles CA


“Since we love Saint Vagabond’s style, we asked if we could do custom wedding rings. We wanted something engraved, so I started sketching out a design and sent it to Kristina. She was able to engrave this design and create a special mold just for us, for future use. We wear the rings proudly. Looking down at them, we instantly think of our love story and feel connected to our past, present, and future.”

Tivis M., Burbank, CA


“I picked up a Dagger Pendant and a ring for my wife by Saint Vagabond to support a local small business and was totally blown away by the details. You’re acquiring a one-of-a-kind piece of work by a passionate designer who’s constantly evolving. Saint Vagabond is great for gifting year round, any special occasion or to treat yourself.”

Elan E., Studio City, CA


"Kristina designed my partner’s engagement ring, and her attention to detail and feedback were incredible along the way! The band is modeled after a Coast Live Oak branch (my partner’s favorite plant) and the Tanzanite stone representing December, the month we met. Kristina kept me informed as she fine-tuned the ring, and made sure the details were cleared with me before proceeding with each step. We couldn’t be happier with the final product! I wanted a ring that would stand out, yet not be too obtrusive as my partner is a biological monitor and works with her hands a lot. Saint Vagabond hit the mark. My partner and I love to tell the story of our proposal- how surprised and amazed she was by the ring that she forgot to answer me for a few minutes. “Sooo, is that a yes?” I asked. We all laughed and she said, “Yes!” Thank you so much, Saint Vagabond."

Dave M., Silverlake, CA






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