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Métis Roman Chain necklace
Métis Roman Chain necklace

Métis Roman Chain necklace

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The Details
Hand-carved and cast links completed with a handmade toggle clasp. Weighty metal chain that feels rich on the skin. Inspired by traditional ancient Roman chain pieces. Created using the lost-wax casting process. Named after Métis, the ancient Titan goddess of higher wisdom. Available in 15.5 inch and 17.5 inch lengths, as bronze or sterling silver. Inquire for custom options.
The Story

Métis (Mee-tees) was a female Titan known to the ancient Romans as the goddess of prudence, deep thought and higher wisdom. She was considered one of the wisest beings in all of creation as well as a primordial force in the creation of the universe.


*** In most cases, pieces are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion/delivery.